The Earth Could Face Mass Extinction By 2100. Predicts Supercomputer

The Earth Could Face Mass Extinction By 2100.

By the end of the century, more than a quarter of animals and plants would have gone extinct, according to a supercomputer. Scientists made the alarming prediction that 10% of plants and animals will be extinct by 2050 and 27% by 2100 using scientific modeling produced by the supercomputer. According to the model, children born today might be the last to see many creatures, such as elephants or koalas. According to the experts, there may be a “sixth mass extinction” on Earth, which is being triggered by a variety of factors such as climate change and changes in land use. The study also claimed that earlier extinction models are not as realistic because they do not account for “co-extinctions,” or the sadistic domino effect in which one species falls extinct because another one it depends on for life goes extinct. With the aid of one of Europe’s most potent supercomputers, the researchers built “synthetic Earths” for the study, filling them with thousands of “food webs”—networks linked by the fact that one animal must eat another in order to exist. The findings show that interconnections within food webs exacerbate biodiversity loss, with a predicted rate of up to 184% for the most vulnerable species over the next 75 years. Read More

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