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  • How does our tongue do good or bad to others?
  • What do the Quran and the traditions of Prophet (PBUH) tell us on backbiting and scandal mongering?
  • Where did the Polo Originate?
  • What should be our attitude towards the poor?
  • How many wrinkles does the poet find on the mother’s face?
  • What secret did Sohrab learn from his mother?

How are you

Q. No1. Answer the Following questions ( Do any two)

(a)  Which are the hottest months in the place where you live?

(b) What is the unit of measuring temperature?

(c) Write the names of some animals whose ears are bigger than our ears.

Q.No.2. Write the names of ten animals whose ears can be seen.

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Q.No.1.  Answer the following Questions (DO any five).                                                                             10

          (i)   How did the fowler catch The quails?

          (ii) What trick did the quails play on the fowler?

          (iii) What do you understand by the idiot box?

          (iv)  Who was Surya Singh?

          (v) What happened to the shop on the way to the South sea?

          (vi) Who is the Speaker of the Poem (The Shadow)

          (vii) Who is “He” in the Poem (The Idiot Box).